Friday, April 3, 2009

More ... 6 ... Inverness & Loch Ness

Arrived at Inverness after driving thru a snow storm in the Highlands. It was a pity that the heather was not flowering as it would have been even prettier. In Inverness we found an old pub called the "Glenalbyn" which incidently was the name of my grandfather's farm at Healesville. The pub has been there in some form since the 1700's so maybe I have scottish innkeepers, or boozer's or both bloods in me.

Thy kept an eye out for Nessie but should have looked behind him.
The Locks are magnificent, especially with a view to the ruined Urquart Castle in the distance. At Fort Augustus there is a magnificant lock system, part or the Caledonian Canal with raises or lowers the water level by 12m thru a series of 5 locks. At Fort William, we drove thru a pass below a snow-covered Ben Nevis thru the highlands to Kinlochleven with spectacular scenery. .... On to Stirling.

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