Sunday, April 19, 2009

more .... 16 .... Very, very old

We went up to the Dartmoor moors where there are neolithic houses and some some standing stones. We found some house sites, one with concentric stone walls as well as an avenue on a smaller scale to that at Avebury.
At Avebury there is a circle of stones some 350m in diam surrounded by a ditch (6-9m deep) and mound (5.5m high) with the biggest stone 20t in weight. Overall there may have been nearly 1000 standing stones in the immediate area as well as some burial mounds, the highest being Silbury Hill which rises 50m above the plain. Most date back to 2200 - 2500BC.
The size on Avebury did not prepare us for the beauty and power of Stonehenge - simply magnificent, though a little crowded.
Woodhenge is very close to Stonehenge and may have been an earlier, simpler version.

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