Thursday, April 23, 2009

more ... 20 ... Bury St Edmunds

We spent a few days south-east of Derbyshire. We walked in the gardens of the Queen's Sandringham estate, stayed O/N in Norwich, visited the seaside resort village of Southwold and lots of other small, quaint villages. We saw Bury St Edmunds on the map and just had to go there. Bury is an ancient market town with ruins of St Edmunds Abbey. Edmund was 9thC king who was beheaded by the Danes. S0 50 years later, a monk dug up his grave and relocated it to this site and created a small chapel there. Miracles were performed from his grave and it gradually became bigger and more important and as with all religious sites, when abbotts get involved, grandeur and more grandeur evolves. At it's peak the main building was 512' long and it was the site where in 1214, English barons drew up a petition that would form the basis of the Magna Carta.
Sue really enjoyed walking around the ruins and the immaculately-laid out grounds and gardens.

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