Friday, April 3, 2009

Clint & Sue UK 2009

Well, we got here safely after a very long flight. Picked up our car (a Peugeot 308) at Manchester Airport and set TomTom to Lainie's place. All going well until we took a wrong exit then TT tried to get us back but road blocked whick confused it even more. After getting lost and a false destination we arrived at Lainie's late Fri night. We got slightly lost with TT but would have been comlpetely lost without it. It was good to see them again and Thy had certainly missed us. Had a quiet weekend with a walk around old Derby and then a trip to Kettleston Manor, a National Trust property which was also used in the filming of "the Dutchess" which I suppose we'll have to watch now. It is a grand property and worthy of a visit. Sorry, no pics inside as cameras not allowed.
Lainie had given Thy 2 weeks off school so he came with us to Yorkshire and Scotland.
York was a fabulous old city with the Minster the main attraction, also lots of ruins, and old town section near the Minster and sections of city walls.